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The Katich Ranch
Located along the Columbia River in Northeastern Washington, the ranch sits on the Colville Indian Reservation in the heart of Swawilla Basin. It began as a cattle ranch geared strictly for raising and producing top quality beef. The originator was Glen and Edith Whitelaw, whom owned a logging outfit just North of Keller, Washington on the Colville Indian Reservation. The Whitelaw family purchased the land in the Swawilla Basin and began a very productive cattle ranch. Over the many years, Steve and Karlene Katich worked their way into co-ownership of the ranch. With Steve Katich's friendship with the late Ralph McClean, of McClean-Kelsey Rodeo Co., they developed a great business relationship that began the start of a dynasty of elite red bucking bulls.

The beginning
In 1987 Ralph McClean came to Steve Katich, asking for help with the Keller Rodeo. He needed some extra cows and bulls to buck in the rodeo, and that was the beginning. They bucked so well, that the next few years Ralph had Steve bring them to his ranch for trial buck-outs. There, world class cowboys were turf'd by this new breed of bulls, bulls that were soon to be unleashed on the Professional Rodeo world.

1989 was the first year these red bulls were introduced into PRCA competition. Among the few first introduced, there were a total of four to remain healthy and have very productive careers in rodeo. These four were succeeded by many more in the years that followed.

In 1990, business man Donnie Hutsell, teamed with Sonnie Riley and Flyin' 5 Rodeo Co., purchased PRCA Stock Contractors cards from the McClean-Kelsey Rodeo Co. With the world class bulls purchased from Steve and Karlene Katich, and the phenomenal string of bucking horses, Big Bend Rodeo Co. could be arguably considered the most productive rodeo livestock contractor in the history of the sport.

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