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Katich Heifers
In order to build a successful breeding program, one must have great, and proven bloodlines. Here at Red Knection, we have done just that, developing credible, and genetically proven bloodlines. All cattle within our breeding system, are in one way or another, genetically related. Red Knection has created a string of bulls that have repeatedly been selected to buck in the Bull Riders Only Finals (BRO), Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Competitions, Columbia River Circuit Finals, National Finals Rodeo (NFR), Dodge National Circuit Finals, and the Copenhagen Cup Finale. On numerous occasions a bull produced on the Katich Ranch has received the highest honors available at all Finals Rodeo's associated with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and late BRO.

While developing a bloodline for bucking, we also began increasing our herd by raising many heifers from the same cows that produced the superstar buckers. These half and full sisters to the world famous K Bulls are producing many up and coming superstars, such as the newly feared bulls with Big Bend Rodeo Co. named 868 Extremely Rapid, 862 Back Fire, 856 Tahonta (NFR rookie selection 2002), 877 Explosive Jacket, and 904 Atta Boy Floyd. All these bulls have Dams that are out of Red Knection bloodlines from four different Sire bulls such as Rapid Fire, Tahontas Back, Yellow Jacket, and Pretty Boy Floyd. This shows factual evidence that Red Knection bloodlines are genetically producing over and over again year after year from both the Sires and Dams.

Towards the Future
The demand for bucking bulls has increased over the years, creating a market for the buying and selling of not only bulls, but cows and heifers as well. Bull riding is a rapidly growing commodity, and has sparked the interest of thousands of investors. Much like any other commodity, people will not invest their time and money into something unless it is credible, proven, and shows potential for gains, Red Knections' bloodlines are just that.

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